When to Call an Electrician

Call an electrician any time electrical problems occur. Many signs suggest problems that you should not ignore. By ignoring problems, they grow in size and become more problematic. Read the following list of signs that suggest it is time to reach out to Electrical contractors in Lexington, KY and make that call in time.

Non-Working Outlet

If an outlet suddenly stops working, it is time to phone the electrician because it’s a sign that a problem has occurred within the electrical box. This may cause serious problems with other components.


If you see smoke coming out of an outlet or other electrical component, it is an emergency that you should not ignore. This same rule applies if you smell burning coming from the wiring or other electrical components.

Breaker Tripping

When the circuit breaker trips, all of the power in the home shuts down. This sign suggests that you have too much power for the available wattage supported in the home. This issue is common in older homes that are ill equipped for today’s technology demands.

Electrical contractors in Lexington, KY


Installing new electrical wiring, outlets, or other components is never a DIY job because it is dangerous and very complex. Things can go wrong very quickly by attempting this complex work yourself.  You could be injured, a fire could occur, and other dangers. Give in and call an electrician to handle these problems.

The Bottom Line

This is not a complete list of occasions when phoning an electrician is a good idea but a look at some of the most common. Do not hesitate to call an electrician when the need arises. It is better to be safe than to be sorry and handling electrical work yourself can very well lead to many sorrowful moments if you are not careful.