What Can’t You Do On Bond?

A bond is a way to keep you from sitting in jail for a month or more awaiting a trial date.  Many companies like Acme Bail Bonds Rancho Cucamonga get into the bail bonds business because it is a way to help keep the jails clean and to ensure that people do what they should while awaiting trial.

Many people looking at Rancho Cucamonga Bail Bonds may think of them as a get out of jail free card and that no punishment will be given for their crimes.  However, this into the case.  In order to get a bond, a judge must first determine what type of person you are and what you have done in the past.  They need to determine if you are a flight risk and if you pose a threat to society.

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In reality, a bonding system is good since it helps people still live normal lives and do what they need to without fearing sitting in jail and losing everything they have.  Also, when on bond, people can put their affairs in order and make sure that everything runs smoothly if they are convicted of their crime and go to jail.

The question many people have however, is what can and can’t they do while on bond?

Typically, when on bond you can do much of what you have done before.  Again, depending on the crime and your charges, you may be given specific instructions by the judge or your bondsman.  These rules are the first on your list you need to follow.


Typically, when on bond you can’t have access to guns, drugs, alcohol and other items that could cause you to do harm or harm yourself.  In most cases the bondsman will ask you if you have these items in your home and ask you to remove them until you are off bond.  In extreme cases, they may come and compensate them until your trial is over and then they will be returned.